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About Us


We provide the best customer service

About Us

We provide the best customer service

The history of our development is an illustration of the strong and reliable aspirations of our constructive work, the multifaceted work of the company's team, how gradually, moving forward, we were able to foresee and plan future steps for many years ahead.

Our Motto

“The future starts now”




The KARDISE company is a diversified structure, the scale of whose business goes beyond exclusively developer activities. The group's activities are focused on several business areas:

  • Design.
  • Construction of industrial and civil facilities.
  • A full range of design and engineering work.

The main directions of KARDISE company's activities are:

  • Design..
  • Construction and installation works.
  • Installation of engineering and telecommunications.
  • Finishing works and landscaping.
  • Production of metal and reinforced concrete structures..